R. Kirk Moore, Original Paintings & Prints
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The Shore
Beach Gallery
If I try to define my work and why I do it, I'd have to say painting is about process and awareness and compulsion. Step by step you build a piece. As the work takes shape your focus sharpens. Your understanding or feeling about the piece becomes clearer. Why do people paint? What makes a good painting? I think it's the contact with the divine that we occasionally get a glimpse of and if we're lucky we convey in our work. I personally feel compelled to seek it, to touch it. I really don't have any talent at this, just desire to do it. Perhaps desire is bad. The Buddhists think so. Who knows? Some things just can't be explained with words.
  Dinghies, Camden
Marine Gallery


Tribeca Rooftops
NYC Gallery
    Frederick's Garden
Travel, Landscapes, and Still Life Gallery



Portraits and Figures